10 moments to experience in Copenhagen Fashion Week

In collaboration with Heineken

Written by Ruta Andriunaityte, Agne Skripkinaite


This summer, three beautiful sunny days of August, Copenhagen, a hip Scandinavian fashion capital hosts the Nordic Region’s largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week. It is always very professionally and creatively coordinated and internationally acclaimed fashion week that gets more and more press recognition worldwide.





Especially for Industry-Files, the experiences and emotions from us four – Industry-Files editor Agnė, our guest blogger Ruta and fashion girls Gerda and Diana. Almost “Sex and the City” awesome foursome!




Cycling in Heels.

That’s right – heels for bikes! All three days of Copenhagen Fashion Week we chose biking as our main means of transport. Our awesome foursome stirred up whole city of Copenhagen, notorious for its reputation as a first carbon-neutral capital to be. Biking is one of the most convenient transportation since all the shows’ locations are scattered around the city. The cool thing about biking is, you can remain fashionable and sporty at the same time, with no need to change your beloved heels to sneakers. Men in luxurious suits, women in ridiculously high heels all sitting proud and comfortable on their trendy bikes is a sight you can see every day on the streets of this city. Bike is definitely a ‘must-have’ for a hip wannabe Copenhagener.


Beer instead of champagne?

Beer is a preference among young Danes when it comes to refreshing on a hot summer day. Heineken beer that is probably the most favorite and trendy beer in Copenhagen Fashion Week is being offered to its fashionable visitors at almost every fashion show. Beer undoubtedly beats champagne or wine and it looks as trendy as it can get in a sophisticated Scandinavian context.


Splendid old town streets turns into a small festival.

Fashion Festival is happening simultaneously with Fashion Week and can be enjoyed by anyone fashion-conscious. The main event of the festival is a party on the grass that is spread out along chic old town street. The street is closed for traffic, filled with fashionable and laid-back Scandinavians, bursting with good vibes, and the best of electronic music. What else can you wish for on a warm summer night?


Dancing the night away with Facehunter

It is no secret that fashion parties often get pretty wild and crazy. The one that we attended turned out to be of no exception. Us and the notorious Facehunter felt like the life and soul of a party dancing on tables in a night club of the hip meatpacking district.

Watching the shows in the most unexpected venues, such as dusty underground parking lot

Danes are known for being the leading trendsetters not only in the European fashion and art scene, but worldwide too. They are a great source of inspiration in fashion, architecture, gastronomy, design, music and many other creative industries. Danes know how to surprise fashion crowds with their creative and innovative solutions season after season. Unconventional venues are chosen over the traditional catwalks, which is no longer a new thing in Copenhagen Fashion weeks. Traditional models are being replaced with quirky and comic personas, classic format of a show such as music and models strolling the catwalk is changed to poetry readings, dancing or static presentations, where you can take a very close look at the models and make great shots. Classic vintage format of a fashion show with designer’s speech and commenting every model was something we had a chance to experience this fashion week.



IMG_1443IMG_1444 IMG_1445

Denmark is a capital of a sneaker culture.

Whenever you lay your eyes down, all kinds of sneakers is what you get to see on Danes’ feet. Scandinavians are definitely sneaker freaks! Be it screaming colors, or simple whites, platform, embellished, or some cool crazily expensive kicks from up-and-coming designers- they know how to rock it with any outfit, even suits or cocktail dresses. This sneaker craze perfectly reflects a relaxed and simple Danish lifestyle and Agnė blended in perfectly with her Adidas sneaks.


Witness Princess Mary sitting in the front row.

Danish Princess Mary is the biggest sponsor and admirer of Copenhagen Fashion week. Danes love her for her openness, grace and her down-to-earth attitude. This time Mary came to see Malene Birger, one of the most internationally acclaimed Danish designer’ show. “Vogue” captured the royalty sitting in the front row at her show.

 To see fashion rebel Henrik Vibskov’s show.

Not every fashion lover gets the chance to see the eccentric Henrik Vibskov’s show. The ever surprising, odds-defying and aesthetically shocking designer and artist (Vibskov is a music artist and designer that has his hands on different art projects too) is surpassing the standards of a fashion world and is always in the spotlight and covers of the best fashion magazines in Denmark. Extreme weather, nature abnormalities, natural evolution and survival were the inspirations behind his newest collection. While watching the show you get to feel like you are in some modern art museum or some secret techno party. This fashion and art fusion certainly inspired us again and again.

 Punk concert in a clothing store.

Copenhagen Fashion week is known for its sophisticated fashion shows and original events. One of the events that us four got to attend that perfectly illustrates Danish laidback and relaxed attitude and their perfect combo of simplicity and sophistication was a clothing store’s “Tiger of Sweden” party. We were met with smiles, friendly faces, Danish rap music, a concert of a rising Danish punk band, simple quality clothing and fancy open-face Danish sandwiches “smørrebrød” in…. shoe boxes!


Meeting James Goldstein.

There is no way you can miss James Goldstein – grey hair hidden under A cowboy hat, extravagant leather jacket and his signature arrogant stance. Mr. Goldstein is one of the richest sponsors and most passionate lover of NBA, a billionaire, a fashion eccentric always showing up in fashion weeks worldwide, which he sponsors as well. He never misses out on Copenhagen Fashion week too.