20 Random Things About Me

So I was one of those who unwrapped the big red book with a crossed question mark for Christmas. One of the lucky ones!

Yes, it's a bed-time book for me.

Yes, it’s a bed-time book for me.

Its’ cover soon went as viral as a piece of printed material can these days – for those of you who don’t recognize it, the book is called “The Man Who Knew It All” (“Žmogus, kuris žinojo viską”), written by Tomas Ramanauskas and Kristupas Sabolius. What it gives you is 98 stories, meant to help you spark your creativity. I did choose my words carefully, cuz these aren’t stories that will tell you where you should get your ideas from – instead, they give you some tips and some practical exercises on how to alter your thinking patterns. So basically a rod instead of a fish, if I ever learned anything from the Bible.

Story No. 28 was what inspired this post – it talks about Edouard Leve, photographer and writer, who’d write random facts and thoughts about himself – no order, no destination, no underlying meaning. Just a collection of personal fragments. Reading this stream of consciousness later might have the effects you never would’ve thought.

That's the page

That’s the page

Well then, here goes.

There are no foods I wouldn’t eat, except for white chocolate. If I have a choice, though, I’d avoid the yellow-fruit-flavored products (like peach yogurt).

I love whistling.

I often think that people should shut up or keep shit to themselves more. That just means being more critical about how important your opinion is to the world – and that’s also why I end up not blogging even if I do have some good ideas for it.

I hate showering.

I’m allergic to practically all make-up and other cosmetics. Most of the perfume, too, but I know I’ll never give them up.

I honestly believe that the best way to energize yourself in the morning is doing all the goofiest dance moves in front of the mirror with Beyonce’s “Love on Top” playing in the background.

Most of my friends have always been guys, not girls. I usually don’t know how to talk to girls, unless they’re a bit boyish.

I’m crazy about competition and proving myself – sometimes I’m even anxious that my significant other will also turn out to be way more significant and successful in life than me.

Apart from roses and tulips, I couldn’t name any other flower. Unless cacti count?

So this is 50 % of the flowers I know.

So this is 50 % of the flowers I know.

I could eat Caesar salad on a daily basis.

I was once in such a bad mental state about the way I look that the only therapy, which could help me, was googling things like “Sofia Vergara in a bikini”, or “Beyonce’s meassurements” and such. And Kim K as well, obviously.

I am genuinely surprised every time someone says I did something well.

I’ve only walked a dog once in my life, and the whole process felt inexplicably weird.

I don’t like all of my boyfriend’s ex’s, and I never pass a chance to cause some drama when appropriate. They might as well be nice people… but I’ll just never know.

I secretly high-five my reflection every time I exit the gym.

When I was a kid, I could never get rid of a feeling that right about now an agent is gonna spot me and turn me into a movie star, or I’ll unexpectedly get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts, or any other proof that I’m the Special One.

Also as a kid I’d come up with secret codes and languages and draw comic strips in my notebooks. I think that all of this was a way to create my own world that I could control and enjoy.

I sometimes agree that “Only unfulfilled love can be romantic” (from “Vicky Christina Barcelona” by Woody Allen).

I hate crying babies in public places.

I always have a hard time making shopping decisions. I texted this selfie to 3 people to get their opinion (the hat being the object in question. Left without one).


Every. Single. Time.

The thing is, don’t just think about this fragment exercise. Take the time to actually put them down on paper – I myself am a dedicated believer in the power of a written word, starting from shopping lists and ending with self-analysis. Your turn!

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