A weird purpose of dressing



I’m not talking about a salad dressing. I’m talking about what people wear. I can never stop wondering about it.

Everybody is wearing something. But the reasons of wearing are different. I’d say there are certain types of them.

The ones who don’t care. They just put on whatever they grab in their closet to keep them worm or to keep them fresh. And this is it.

The ones who do care, but try to pretend that they don’t. They look at the mirror each time they  leave their homes, they double check how they look in a public bathroom. But they try to create an image as if they totally don’t care, as if they’ve put on something what’s in their closet without even noticing what is it. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they put on too much of “I don’t care attitude”, but it is obvious that he/she was trying so hard to make this outfit work. Or at least he thinks he made it work.

The ones who care, but have no idea how to dress. They are like “today I’m gonna put this scarf, and this dress, and this cardigan, and this bracelet and these boots and these earrings, etc, etc”. At some point so see this person in the street and obviously the stuff he/she is wearing totally miss match.  You are looking at a person who is wearing lots of colors, lots of prints, lots of details, lots of everything. And it’s not this beautiful mix-and-match style from Sex & the City. It’s a big mess and a person looks like he’s robbed a warehouse. Actually, a bad taste warehouse.

The ones who wear pink or lilac. I’m talking exceptionally about men. There are guys who proudly wear pink. I have nothing against pink or guys. You won’t see a guy wearing pink in a group of other guys. You always see him with a woman. This means “I am not gay. I am with a lady. So I can wear pink”. This is how they pretend to be cooler than other straight guys.

The ones who are victims of bad sales-people. They offer to buy stuff that either doesn’t sell well, or is more expensive, or is just on a rack besides. So you come out to the street wearing a boring “total look”, like the one on the look book. Usually its men who do that.  It’s nothing to be proud of. It’s bad. Use your imagination!

The “wife picked me clothes” kinda guy. It’s not the same guy as “my mother picked me clothes” guy. You can imagine how he’d look like when he’s forty and still a virgin. And he will stay a virgin if he doesn’t stop doing that. Obviously! But “my wife/girlfriend chose my clothes” guy is wearing something cute and nice and with a carding over the shoulders or white trousers with a viola polo. Honestly, I don’t believe that a guy goes to a department store and says “hello, I need a pair of white jeans and a lilac polo”. Come on!

The fashion victim. It’s the one who is wearing ultra-fashionable stuff, no matter if it fits or looks good on him/her. They are wearing this piece because its “the season must-have” from the catwalk or some trend-setting magazine. It doesn’t matter to them if it makes them look short, or fat, or short-legged or anything else but attractive or beautiful. It’s ridiculous.

Come on! Be honest. We all know that the clothes are made to keep you worm, first of all. But then its something what should make you look better. It is something to complement you, your looks and your personality. So why make yourself uglier?