I want to dress up!


Credits: CR Fashion Book October, 2014

I don’t know if any of you have noticed but people in Lithuania stopped to dress up when going out or attending the events. And this especially happens in Vilnius. Actually, seems that dressing up equals to being different in a crowd, being the unknown or queer. It became even shameful to look all dressed up, to wear high heels or to have a make up and hair done, I don’t even dare to mention accessories or glitter. I think now being “all ready” kind of signifies the same as “I am not successful”. The more shaggy one looks, the more cooler and the more successful he is. Literally, of course. Doesn’t it sound stupidly?

I wonder what is it that makes messy dressing so exciting and extraordinary? I guess it might  something to do with an aspiration of being free, self-confident and acting like European. And I totally agree – people in Scandinavia or in Great Britain do not have as many complexes as Lithuanians. Thus, it’s sort of logical that we seek to be like them. And we will be, we just need a little time. Time  to rethink our cultural behaviour.


However, did you see how foreign people dress up in fashion or art events? Extraordinary! Every detail is impeccable. They are not afraid of standing out in the crowd and being noticed. They might be shaggy in their daily life but they are legendary sophisticated while attending special events. Because they know that the party deserves some respect.

Honestly, at first I liked all this “I don’t give a shit” attitude – it’s really comfy to wear sneakers, washed-out sweaters and hide the dishevelled hair under a hipsters’ cap but everything has its limits. I think everyone has the right to choose how they look – that’s why no one should judge other people about their looks. Excuse me, but looking good and being ready does not mean that a person doesn’t have a life. On the contrary, the more you do, the more is being done”.


And please, don’t take me wrong, it’s okay to wear flats, colourful sneakers (oh, I love sneakers, I have 5 pairs of Adidas sneakers) and grandma’s sweaters, but it is also okay to wear leathered heels, fur collars and polish nails red. Beauty didn’t save the world, but tolerance will!