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Aiste Jakimaviciute

Aiste Jakimaviciute

I meet Aiste Jakimaviciute on Monday afternoon – I have heard about her as she is one of the Lithuanian activists within the creative industries. As it is just the way it happens in life, two busy people don’t meet for a couple of years if they don’t schedule coffee together. She has been a film scenographer/art director in one of the Tadas Vidmantas short movies and Lithuanian Cinema Award “Sidabrinė Gervė” winner for the Best Short Film – Silver Crane – “The Swimmer” (“Plaukikė”) by G. Urbonaitė, has also been a part of Vilnius Temperature tandem.

When I ask her, what she is doing, the wide smile appears – “I am a girl without a steady job and the girl who always has a lot of work.“. Aiste is a graphic design graduate from Vilnius Academy of Arts. Last year, she was the only Lithuanian participating in international Nokia Lumia 820 Design Challenge. And she took the second place. Yes, this girl has also co-created (together with Jonas Lekevicius, Vilnius Academy of Arts graphic design project) the SOUND SHAPES – huge interactive musical cube which has total of 16 figures – 8 for each of the players standing in front of each other. You move them on a highlighted surface and they make different sounds that connect into a pure lasting rhythm. All possible sound combinations would make a great soundtrack which makes the game everlasting and enjoyable both for the players and the audience – composers Domas Strupinskas and Paulius Kilbauskas have created the set of 16 musical sounds used in the game.

 The idea of the project was to create a game that would reflect 3 values: no need of reading the rules, breaking social barriers (race, gender, ect.) and having a connection without saying a word to each other. The game itself is flexible enough to play with a gang of people, all standing surrounding the SOUND SHAPES.



Nowadays she’s one of the personalities behind WHAT’S NEXT? – the conference of creative industries that combines visual culture, technology and business. It is the second event organized by Art Factory LOFTAS & PENKETAI. The first conference of creative industries WHAT‘S NEXT? was a part of “Loftas Fest” festival in 2013, where 12 authoritative speakers told their success stories about the world of visual arts. Last year’s WHAT’S NEXT? hosted the presentation of the famous fashion blogger “THE FACEHUNTER” and the urban art creative from Germany Andreas Schanzenbach (who was, by the way, dedicated by Industry_Files), talented photographers Rokas Darulis, Tadas Cerniauskas and others. This year along side LOFTAS will have a separate area for design fair which will be based in the RADIO lofts. Around 70 designers are preparing to showcase their work the upcoming weekend.

Urban art creative from Germany Andreas Schanzenbach in WHAT'S NEXT 2013

Urban art creative from Germany Andreas Schanzenbach in WHAT’S NEXT 2013

PENKETAI is the initiative that was the first one in Vilnius to talk about creative industries in the attractive format – events hosted once per 5 weeks, 5 times a year. Around 600 people would visit each of their Friday events. Aiste says “We are the team of 6 people, who don’t work for each other – we work together!”. Aiste considers their events having a role of an incubator where the team and the speakers create the situation to meet, personalities connect and inspire creativity in all sorts of ways. The whole team is wishing so that learning creativity would become a daily mouthful. It was only natural for them to develop into a yearly event to celebrate the existence of the field and gather all together.



The educational vibe is also very clear in Aiste’s personal life – now she is also a part-time student of Educational Science in Arts.

And the last thought from Aiste before we meet again during the conference weekend – “There are no things impossible, only the ones that have not been done yet.”


Part of the series to discover female career paths within the creative and digital industries 

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by Ramune Tumasonyte


Ramune Tumasonyte