anna mesha loves fashion and so do we. But sometimes it rains.

_MG_4109lkj copyPhoto credits: Zivile Sidaraite

It’s a lovely day, 

all the clouds were grey…

And that, believe it or not, might actually change the whole plan. Around fifty people coming to pop -up store during the three hours is considered to be a bad luck or … is it just a bad weather? We are still questioning that. Anyway, the Easter edition of pop- up happened and it was cozy, friendly and nice even though such circumstances were not expected at all. (Yes, we are optimists and we see the glass of water half full). Being one of the organisers I would like to thank to all the brands of not getting scared of the negative forecast prognosis and still coming to Kaunas to showcase their products. Also, thanks for the “cool fifty” fashion lovers visiting our store – you filled our day with positivity and joy. And despite all that, it was a lovely fashion event, once again in a fashion friendly bar in Kaunas – that is anna mesha. Industry_Files platform is proud being a part of all this pop – up fashion movement. Hopefully we are going to rock one more pop – up store in summer time?!


Oh, it’s such a perfect day

I’m glad I spent it with you

Oh, such a perfect day

You just keep me hanging on

You just keep me hanging on

P.S. Well, I guess it all depends on your attitude towards things. Think as you think. The cake was delicious and sweet, the wine was wow, the chit chats were soul lifting and I pre-ordered a very cool Inga Skripka’s backpack.

Brands stored: Naked bruce, Pykok, SmartArtInga Skripka, bandau + darau, You & Oil, Aistay Accessories, BlackBanana, Mariashi, Gretusé Accessories.

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