The most intimate experience

anna mesha is a fictive female character who lives in a cosy, modern french-style apartment. She travels a lot and spends most of her time daydreaming… while her lovers & friends keeps her apartment’s keys and throws the most vibrant parties in town.


WHAT. anna mesha is the name of the most stylish and mysterious club concept in Kaunas city, Lithuania. The nightclub is designed as an apartment and located in the downtown of the city, making it one of the hottest spots in Lithuania’s nightlife and music scene. The place is also known for its conceptual thinking in regards to various events –  pop-up boutiques,  live concerts or fashion shows.  In addition, there is also a cozy backyard, which makes it the perfect summer bar.


WHY GO. Extremely elegant, bloody sophisticated and always welcoming (although the dress code is indeed strict), anna mesha has become highly respected by the country’s elite (one of the couturier Juozas Statkevicius’ favorites), creative and hippy crowd, as well as men in black a.k.a the businessmen.

THE INTERIOR. In terms of interior, there is an acute attention to details. Industrial furniture, arty photographs as well as digital ballerina dancing on the walls, green plants, a giant mirror and monochromic shades being some of the highlights. Overall the intention is to create an atmosphere where guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a real Anna’s apartment full of secrets, never ending intimate experiences and joy.


Upcoming event

POP-UP BOUTIQUE of Lithuanian clothing brands & designers

17. 07. 18.00. – midnight.