Bigger, Prettier, Tastier

Gloomy evenings in fall keep us indoors, but it’s no problem if there’s something good to read. And some pretty pictures to see. And some delicious food to make and serve to your friends or significant other!

In order to make sure you have a rich and flavorful season, we put all our efforts into the second issue of our magazine, titled “VMG: Games of Fall”. In more than 300 pages, you’ll find your well-known seasonal products playing completely new roles, in addition to some stunning food and fashion photoshoots, and timeles culinary articles and interviews. Oh, and did we mention that it’s the biggest culinary magazine in Europe..?

Just saying – all the copies of the first issue “Summer With the VMG” were sold out within the first three weeks… make sure to get yours!

Thanks to all the friends who came to our album party in our culinary loft studio – find yourself in the video!

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