Dear Art, are you alive?


At the end of June, a new generation of Lithuanian artists occupied the art gallery Meno parkas and Kaunas Town Hall Square during the the annual live art festival Creature. This year it was dedicated to emerging artists from Lithuania and all over the world. For the festival that has been organised since 2011 being brave, unique and shocking is an accomplishing reality. Creature is organised by two young female artists and activists Vaida Tamosevičiute and Daina Pupkeviciute. Thanks to them, the performance art is always on our cultural agenda.

by Inga Galinyte

The Lithuanian performance artists

In my opinion, when watching performance art one always deals with his own limits trying to squeeze himself into particular role, emotion or movement that artists perform. Few minutes after I was done my performance (which I’m not going to comment on), extremely talented and creative Ieva Savickaite starts to blow red balloons into a glass cube. One after another until they all explode with quite disturbing noise forcing people to turn around. For the first few seconds you could be forgiven for not quite understanding what’s happening until you see two other performers in the local fountain…


Totally different atmosphere was created by graphic artist Zivilė Minkute playing with paints in all white gallery space. The audience watches her body getting variously coloured until she herself finishes with black. “Emotions are my life basis. Emotions and a short – term truth are the axis of my creative work. Yesterday the world turned upside down, I cried and yelled of joy, unable to grasp what was happening inside. Today is an ordinary day, rich in grey tones. I love the moments of elevation” – says the artist in her current statement.

inga-galinyte2_foto-ineta-ivoskaite_web IngaGalinyte_ft_ZivileSidaraite IngaGalinytė_ft_ŽivilėSidaraitė

Justinas Kalinauskas communicates with his audience by drawing pictures of his past memories on white rectangular and serving cookies as well as hot tea and lithuanian wine in an abandoned old town yard. He also invites people to join him by drawing their personal memories. The discussion between the artist and the audience is getting interesting by touching psychological and philosophical aspects of human being, art, social life… At the end of his long durational performance he destroys everything that was created during festival evenings. It was the end of past memories. Something new is going to come.

I always feel interested when two different performances are being showed at the same place in the same time.  This time young artist Ingrida Cepanonyte created conceptual trickery with watermelons and liquid inside them while Monika Liutkutė, the artist who studied contemporary dance, was writting on the wall – “Come to my room if you want sex”. I am not sure about the main idea of these two performances but the ralationship between them gave a strong emotion of unfair and fake relationships and vitality of orange colour and bloody red.


IMG_1929 Justinas-Kalinaukas_foto-Karolina-Aleskeviciute_www

Live, cheeky and spiritual  – that’s how I would describe festival atmosphere. The festival where i learned how to open my voice. My performance was all about truth asking how many percent of this rare beautiful substance we could find in our daily life.

You can find all the artists and other information on the festival website