Girl on track


Let me introduce you to Domante Kaminskaite, an aspiring young photographer from Lithuania, who has finished her studies and is currently working in London. Incredibly vivid and bright works of hers are geared to captivate – each one of the photos exudes nonchalant ease and perfectly reflects the essence of modern minimalism. She has already been featured in numerous fashion magazines and hopes to become well known in the fashion industry.

by Monika Repčytė

Domante, how would you define the aesthetics of your work?

I’m still trying to find the best description of my work. While being a fashion photographer, you really need to know how to make your work stand out and make it look like it’s YOURS. At the moment I’d say my style is really simple with some combined details or colours that kind of repeat in many of my photographs. It’s also quite moody and contrasting, regardless of situation – whether it’s colourful or black/white photography.

Describe your first steps into the world of photography. When did you decide to pursue a career path in this domain?

I guess it’s a typical story of many photographers. It all started when I was a teenager and got my first camera. I became really excited of making fashion images. It was a little bit like theatre – you create a story, choose someone who is suitable for that specific role, then you dress him up and see what happens. But at the end, the biggest step was a project called “Ezio inkubatorius”. It was pretty exciting to be one of very few people who were involved in it. I met some lovely people and got really inspired and motivated, especially by the project leader Andrius Miksys.

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How has your attitude to this art form changed since the first beginnings? 

When I was still at school and I’d just started getting into photography, I felt like I was a great photographer. Actually I wasn’t. When my studies started, I realized that success is always based on hard team work, research and knowing how to behave with the model. It’s also important to aim for the result that would please not only a photographer, but the whole team.

Fashion is one of the most important objects of your works. Do you consider yourself as a fashion photographer?

I would say yes. I’ve never been interested in taking pictures of nature or buildings. I’m fascinated by unique faces and the process of creating a fashion story.

Speaking of fashion and arts, London is considered to be a city of creativity. What have you learnt from this place?

It was a big shock when I first came to this city. It’s full of everything and that completely differs from Lithuania. Fashion and London could be two words in one. The same applies to arts. To be honest, I’ve never felt as if I was really artistic, but I adore things that are a pleasure for an eye and one of them is fashion photography.



How do you come up with scenarios for your photoshoots?

I don’t usually know how the final result will look like. Normally there’s no scenario. It’s all about choosing location and making the best out of it.

What is the most exciting thing about being a photographer?

Becoming more self confident with every little shoot, meeting people, seeing progress and just loving the thing you do.


Do you have any authorities?

My biggest inspiration is Tim Walker. I’m completely in love with his work, ideas, locations, models and everything I could think of. But I’d never say that my work is influenced by his style.

What are your nearest future plans?

To do as much photography work as I can, travel and become successful in the fashion industry.