Girls & The City #2

49 Questions with Ruta




Ruta is the person that I have spent the most days with. We met when I was 8 and she was 10. At first we didn’t like each other but after sometime we fell in love. That’s right, we have fell in love and that love continues till now. Ruta is my best friend for 19 years and I miss her every day – she lives in Copenhagen and as some of you might know, I have left Copenhagen 8 months ago. But I should not talk about milk-waterish sentiments. Thus, Ruta is a multimedia student, right now spending her summer together with her BF traveling to various European music festivals and enjoying every second of it.

What’s your favourite season? Late spring, full of sweet smells and spring showers.

What’s your favourite activity? I recently fell in love with skiing.

What’s your favourite movie of all time? I will never forget the cheesy but heart-warming ‘Grease’, the romantic Moulin Rouge and girly ‘The Notebook’.

Favourite movie in the past year? HER

Favourite TV serial? Breaking Bad (of course), Dexter and Lost.

What’s a book you plan on reading? Meditations By Marcus Aurelius

The book you read that shaped you? Haven’t read that yet! But Paulo Coelho ‘Alchemist’ will always have that special place in my heart

On a scale of 10, how excited are you about life right now? Probably 9. It’s summer, full of interesting activities, what else can you wish for?

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Facebook

What’s the coolest thing in your apartment? My big balcony

What’s your favourite downtown restaurant? Cocks and Cows, Halifax, Burger and Shakes- I love Burgers!

Who’s your favourite cook? Definitely Gordon Ramsay. Nobody can beat his genuine passion for making food. He truly finds beauty in it and inspires people like me.

What do you love in your pizza? Well, of course cheese!

Favourite drink? Gin&Tonic and Coffee with milk.

What’s your favourite band? Always changing…But the one that is still in top is probably Coldplay

What’s your favourite solo artist? Steven Tyler and Sia Kate Isobelle Furler

Favourite lyrics? Sweet Child O’ Mine

If you could sing a duet with anybody, who would it be? I would love to dance instead- Bruce Springsteen -Dancing in the dark

If you had a tattoo, where would it be? I already have it! It’s on my back.

If you could be a master of anything, what would it be? I would be a master of making gorgeous food.

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Bird watching or moon watching? Watching moon all night long and then suddenly realizing birds already started singing.

Best gift you’ve ever received? Diving and skydiving!

Person you want to have coffee with? With my best friend! And later -Gin&Tonic.

How do you like your coffee? With Milk. When I feel down- with lots of cream.

What’s your favourite curse word? Some nasty Lithuanian curse words that I should be ashamed of mentioning.

What’s your favourite country to visit? Too many places to see… But I would never get tired of Barcelona.

What was the last country you visited? UK

What’s the country you wish to visit? Paris

Have you ever been in Lithuania? Oh yes, that’s my home country.

What’s your favourite colour? Black and White.

Least favourite colour? Mustard and light blue.

What colour dress did you wear at your prom? Light blue…

Diamonds or pearls? Pearls and once in a lifetime – diamonds.

Heels or flats? I am a flats’ person, but I wish I could wear heels more often.

Pilates or yoga? Yoga.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? To be powerful, inside and out.

What’s the weirdest word in your language? It is not weird at all, it’s beautiful!

If your life was a song, what would the title be? 18 till I die!

 What’s the best thing about you? Being spontaneous.

What is love? Love is what motivates people.

Tulips or roses? Roses.

Who is your fashion icon? I don’t have one.

What are three things that are always in your purse? My phone, my keys and my purse.

What’s your favourite fashion blog? and Industry Files!

What’s your favourite clothing brand? Acne Studios and Cos

What’s your goal for 2020? I hope I will be happy together with people that I love, doing something exciting and loving life!

 What’s your credo? “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 

What is the best thing in life? Love and laughter.

P.S. Ruta, I promise, we’ll have that coffee very very soon!