Girls & The City #11


49 Questions with Ruta


In my opinion, Ruta is one of the most chic Lithuanian personal style bloggers and fashion characters. She runs her personal style blog called Amoureuse De Mode, which as well as her clothing style is an ultimate bon bon  – sweet, girlish and sexy. Besides that, time to time Ruta contributes to Industry_Files and in 2015 she plans to launch her own clothing brand. Isn’t it amazing?

What’s your favourite season? Spring

What’s your favourite activity? Riding a bike through Central London

What’s your favourite movie of all time? Forrest Gump

Favourite movie in the past year? Gone Girl

Favourite TV serial? Devious Maids

What’s a book you plan on reading? Toby Meadows ‘How to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label’ 

On a scale of 10, how excited are you about life right now? 9,8

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

What’s the coolest thing in your apartment? Photos with the best memories on our fridge

What’s your favourite downtown restaurant? Jamie’s Italian

What do you love in your pizza? Mushrooms

Favourite drink? Ice Caramel Machiatto

What’s your favourite band? Couldn’t name one

Favourite solo artist? Justin Timberlake

Favourite lyrics? ‘We All Want The Same Thing’ by Kevin Michael

If you could sing a duet with anybody, who would it be? Someone who doesn’t care about how bad I sing!

If you could be a master of anything, what would it be? Fashion social media/cooking

Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs

Bird watching or moon watching? Moon watching

Best gift you’ve ever received? Flight tickets to Canada

Person you want to have coffee with? Andy Torres

How do you like your coffee? With sugar & lactose free milk 


What’s your favourite curse word? Dammit!

What’s your favourite country to visit? United States

What was the last country you visited? Spain

What’s the country you wish to visit? Singapore

What’s your favourite colour? White

Least favourite colour? Green

What colour dress did you wear at your prom? I didn’t attend my prom, but I guess it could have been navy blue

Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds

Heels or flats? Flats

Pilates or yoga? Yoga

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Teleportation

What’s the weirdest word in your language? Dūzgės

If your life was a song, what would the title be? Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

What’s the best thing about you? I always aim high

What is love? Strong feeling, admiration to someone/something that it’s not really possible to explain without feeling it

Tulips or roses? Roses

Who is your fashion icon? Olivia Palermo

What are three things that are always in your purse? Mobile phone, debit card & keys

What’s your favourite fashion blog? At the moment, Lust For Life

What’s your favourite clothing brand? Too many of them! One of the top favourites – Three Floor

What’s your goal for 2015? To start my own clothing label

What’s your credo? Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve

What is the best thing in life? Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Any plans for New Year’s Eve? Not yet, will try to be spontaneous (as always)

What would you wish for Christmas to all city girls? Be super positive, spread the love & work hard to reach your dreams!

by Agne Skripkinaite

Industry_Files fashion editor and partner at A/D