Girls & The City #8

49 Questions with Ilane

Ilane Alves originally is a Brazilian journalist for the past years living in Copenhagen and experiencing Scandinavian lifestyle together with her beloved Danish husband and football coach Anton as well as her adorable baby girl Nina. Ilane is the absolute sophisticated chic, always feminine, fashionable and self-confident who is ready to conquer the world, either it is in regards to her carrier or happy family life.


What’s your favourite season? It depends of where I am. Autumn in Copenhagen is breathtakingly beautiful, and summer in Rio de Janeiro is plain happiness.

 What’s your favorite activity? I just recently rediscover the pleasure of swimming.

 What’s your favourite movie of all time? People often laugh when I say it’s ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, but hey, life does move pretty fast, if we don’t stop and look around, we might miss it!

 Favourite movie in the past year? Her

 Favourite TV serial? Friends’, but I’m amazed by ‘Orange is the New Black’

What’s a book you plan on reading? So many! Should I list them in alphabetical order?  

 The book you read that shaped you? Again, so many, but ‘The Book Thief’ has a special place in my heart

 On a scale of 10, how excited are you about life right now? 10!

 Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Instagram. I love seeing the world from other people’s perspective.

 What’s the coolest thing in your apartment? My ‘Home Sweet Home’ wall. My husband and I painted it and I’m quite proud of our work!

 What’s your favourite downtown restaurant? La Galette, a French crêperie restaurant hidden downtown in Copenhagen.

 What’s your favourite cook? Myself! I enjoy cooking and I’m always glad with the results!

 What do you love in your pizza? Cheese, prosciutto and arugula

 Favourite drink? Amaretto Sour at night, and cold coconut water during the day

 What’s your favourite band? The Beatles

What’s your favourite solo artist? Can’t choose one: Nina Simone and Otis Redding

Favourite lyrics? Guns and Roses’ November Rain, and Nina Simone’s Feeling Good

If you could sing a duet with anybody, who would it be? It would be surreal to sing and dance ‘Get me Bodied’ with Beyoncé!

If you had a tattoo, where would it be? I already have three, but number four will be on my right ribcage.

If you could be a master of anything, what would it be? Dancing or singing. Or both!

Dogs or cats? Cats

Bird watching or moon watching? I’m a night person, so definitely moon watching.

Best gift you’ve ever received? My mom gave me some of her jewelry, and it makes me feel a bit closer to her considering that we live so far from each other.

Person you want to have coffee with? Dalai Lama

How do you like your coffee? Iced coffee for hot days and Caffé Latte for all the others

What’s your favourite curse word? All the ones in Portuguese!

What’s your favourite country to visit? Greece

What was the last country you visited? Ghana

What’s the country you wish to visit? I wanna see whole world, but South Korea and Japan are in the top of my list.

Have you ever been in Lithuania? Not yet, but hopefully soon! I’ve only met amazing people from Lithuania, so I look very much forward to going there one day.

What’s your favourite colour? I’m into all pastel tones at the moment.

Least favourite colour? Brown, no doubts! Such a boring colour!

What colour dress did you wear at your prom? Off white

Diamonds or pearls? Pearls

Heels or flats? I’m always wearing flats, but heels are a must for special occasions.

Pilates or yoga? Pilates

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Flying

What’s the weirdest word in your language? I love Portuguese way too much to find any word weird

If your life was a song, what would the title be? The Hopelessly Believer

What’s the best thing about you? My values

What is love? Not sure I can tell you what it is, but I know how it feels: your heart pounds strongly, you feel butterflies on your stomach and you, involuntarily, release a big smile. Everything at the same time. 

Tulips or roses? Tulips

Who is your fashion icon? People I see on the streets

What are three things that are always in your purse? Credit card, phone and make up

What’s your favourite fashion blog? The American ‘The Man Repeller”, Brazilian “FFW – Fashion Forward” and Lithuanian “Industry Files”

What’s your favourite clothing brand? Elie Saab’s clothing fascinates me

What’s your goal for 2020? I’m not much of the planner type, but I would like to visit a country or two of all continents until 2020.

What’s your credo? “I know I was born and I know that I’ll die. The between is mine, I am mine” – I am mine, Pearl Jam.

What is the best thing in life? Acknowledging its beauty and living it on its fullest.