Grandmas go Rock ‘n’ Roll!

lamI am fond of grandmas. I always was. I never say ‘no’ to them. I find them cute to watch and most often interesting to listen. Of course, everything has its own limits but grandmas is my thing. Not surprisingly, my recent concern was the representation of elderly women in media, especially in fashion media. Elderly women in magazines or on TV are usually portrayed within the context of medicine, religion, church, grandchildren or even death. Media tend to create stereotypes and most of the time we believe in them without any questioning. Seems that elderly women don’t have fun anymore but that is absolutely not true. Grandmas travel, they watch TV series, they go for a walk, they cook, they dress up, they make parties, they love and they think they are still sexually attractive. Don’t you believe it? Take a look at LAM magazine, the Grandmas Issue.lam8

lam15lam10lam9lam12lam11lam13lam14lam17lam3LAM is a new Copenhagen based magazine promoting young talented photographers and dedicating each issue to a particular theme. The magazine is published every second month and is free. The next issue will be the Fashion issue and I am invited to contribute as a fashion writer. It will be posted at Industry Files as well, so stay tuned.