Ho Ho Ho with Anzelika #11

Ho Ho Ho with Anzelika #11 |  #interview #christmas #

What’s your name/ age & job title?

Anzelika Liauskaite/ 28/ Writer

What’s the key to your happiness? 

Being a total dreamer. I always dare to believe that an inner faith makes everything possible .

Is there an embarrassing episode from your life that you wish you could edit out?

I wish to keep it  a secret.

What does your latest text message from someone else say?

That I have 4 new Voicemails.

Simple but extremely complex. What’s your favorite band?

At the moment I love the Stereophonics and I can‘t imagine a magical winter time without Michael Buble Christmas CD playing in my car.

Smell the air. What do you smell?

Flowers on my writing table, gentle red roses.

In your opinion, what makes the great relationship?

Compromises and true honest love. It‘s an appreaciation of being loved and a chance to respond equally.

What’s your favorite word?

My annoying habit is to always keep saying:“ you know?“, but I do honestly love the word angel as it reminds me of the way my name sounds.

If you could meet anyone in 2014, who would it be?

Elle UK editor and its  creative team.

Where and how are you spending your Christmas this year?

Im spending it in Wales with my boyfriends family.  Its likely that after Christmas morning and lunch  any free time I have when other are just lazing around I will work on my new book.

What do you wish for Christmas this year?

The people I love most to be happy and healthy.

Do you find Santa sexually attractive?

I never did, he is definatelly not my type but after fifty years who knows..?  I might change my mind;)

 Show your Instagram!

I may be living in the stone age, but I dont have one!! I still stuck with my Facebook

Ho Ho Ho with Anzelika #11 |  #interview #christmas #writer

Ho Ho Ho with Anzelika #11 |  #interview #christmas #writer

Ho Ho Ho with Anzelika #11 |  #interview #christmas #writer