Floating art & different lifestyle

Interview with Georgian artist Gleb Solntsev

Gleb Solnstev is a charming man from Georgia who has been living in and loving Bali for already 4 years. As he says: “We live in paradise” and I definitely agree upon that. I think that you appreciate Bali island more when you leave it and exchange it to Europe. No ocean, no waves and no young coconuts in the morning already does the impact on me while being in Lithuania.

G. Solntsev already has been recognized by many worldwide known artists, especially by Russians. He already has had many exhibitions and other projects such as poetry books, surfboards and graphical prints.

This guy has a talent in what he does, so I had a little chat with him about his lifestyle and what his art represents to the world.



What was your first drawing?

My first piece of art was a graphic drawing of Chinese horoscope. When I was 10 years old. I did give it to my father as a present for New year.

What does art mean to you?

It is like a parallel reality. It’s a borderless space of possibilities of my inner and outer worlds. It’s about communicating with others.


Do you imagine yourself in any other profession? 

As a child I wanted to become a banker with an office at the top floor a skyscraper with a sexy secretary. But at the age of 12 I realized they it would be very boring. I am the fifth generation of artists. Art is in my DNA.

Your art pieces always have so much movement and feeling of floating, why so?

We are all made out of water. I am interested in the interaction of our inner space and dialog between the outer one. It’s the interpretation of my feeling of belonging to these worlds.

tumblr_n4w5o7e0XJ1qgda4oo1_1280 tumblr_n4gl6pALKw1qgda4oo1_1280

Where does your inspiration come from?

Because I know we all just float down here.

Why have you decided to come to Bali? How long have you been there?

By accident. I went to NY, but then I decided to relax in the tropics to recharge my batteries for a month.

Four years later I am still here.

“Bali Morning”

If you decide to move somewhere else, where it would be?

To change the rhythm, it would be most likely a metropolis, Berlin or NY.

How your usual day looks like? 

I wake up 7a.m. and by 7:30 i am in the lineup to surf. Then have coffee with friends. And work a couple of hours. Around sunset I’m ready to meet friends for happy hour at Old man’s (restaurant on the beach) On the weekend we could end up in the Semenyak clubs till sunrise.

How does your work place look like? 

I usually work at home. My entire top floor is my workshop. I always carry my sketchbook to draw everything that interests me.

Is your new collection of paintings are inspired by surfing? 

Surfing is a perfect metaphor between the harmony of man and the ocean. It’s about dancing with the elements.


Where do you see yourself as an artist in 10 years?

I would like to expand my horizon. And implant my ideas into a world wide audience.

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