Interview with Artist Maureen: Paintings on the Walls & Surfboards


I met Maureen at Bali during the sunset and happy hour at one of the beach cafe’s, we talked about life, boys and surf.  At that moment i found out that she is an artist who spreads her colours on the surfboards, building walls and the canvases.Her art is graphical, involving various shapes and subjects. Maureen is from USA, mainly of her time spend in CALIFORNIA. We spoke about her passion for art, her favorite things and what she would change it in this world if she could…


 How long you have been painting and when the first time it had hit you, that it’s your thing for life?

I became fully submersed in my art after getting arrested at 14.  My parents wouldn’t allow me to leave the house for three months.  Art and Tetris were my only sources of entertainment.  When my punishment was finally over I was a free kid again for ten days.  I got arrested again so it was basically six months straight sitting in my room.

What you like to draw or paint the most?

I love geometry.  It’s basically my religion and my opinion of how the universe was created.  Geometry is always ascetically pleasing and can create so many different depths and dimensions.  I’m also fascinated by faces; there are numerous slight differences and variations that make each individual unique.


Recently you have made some custom drawings on surfboards, they are really graphical and geometrical, and how would you describe experience drawing on surfboards?

It has been a learning experience.  Figuring out what mediums to use and how to keep it smooth and sealed properly. I love working with different boards each one is a different canvas shape and texture.




How would you describe your works?

I try not to limit myself to a certain subject matter.  I’m always trying new ideas.  I am always changing therefore so is my art.  I used to paint very dark paintings when I was into heavy drugs.  Then I became more spiritual and that is definitely reflected in my sacred geometry pieces.

What you prefer more canvas or wall?

It’s hard to say… probably canvas because you can’t take it with you.


What’s inspiring you for your paintings?

I always have random ideas for paintings and projects popping into my head on a daily basis.  I have a massive list that I haven’t even touched yet.  I like to do conscious art but also like to add an element of humour or some other emotion.

Tell me about your day? How it starts and ends?

Every day is different.  I basically work really hard for a period of time and then take long breaks and just enjoy life.  I’m kind of an ‘all-or-nothing’ type of person.  Living in Bali for the past year has changed my priorities- with surfing and meeting new people from around the world at the top of the list.

 What’s makes you really happy in this world?

Surf, art, love, compassion, and fine tequila.

What’s your favorite artist?

Salvador Dali.  Always.  He paints from his dreams, and I have on occasion as well.





If you could have a due exhibition or collaborative project with any artist in the world, who it would be?

Probably Mars-1 or Oliver Vernon.  The depth and dimensions they create on a large scale is simply breathtaking.

If you could change 3 things in the world, what it would be?

A.  Decalcify everyone’s pineal gland

B.Change almost every person in power

C.Reverse all the damage we have already done to our planet and the people

              Wow those all sound really hippy, I may have well said world peace.(Laughing)

 Next country?

Egypt! Italy! Spain! Nicaragua! Peru!