INTERVIEW with O.Sinenko: Fashion, Surf & Photography




I met Olga  through our swimwear brand, as a young photographer,who is growing everyday with a new shoots and projects. I have to say, she is a part of our Makara’s family,she is always ready to get in the water for some surf shots or come to Villa to do quick fashion shoot.She lives now in Bali, before lived in Vietnam, originally from Ukraine. One afternoon by the the beach in Oldman’s cafe by a cup of coffee we had a little chat about travels, surf and what photography means for her as an artist.


When did you start to do photography?

I got my first analog camera (Zenit) at high school. I really loved black and white those days, I had no knowledge about the way camera works or any composition rules, was just walking the streets and experimenting with settings, effects, points of view etc.

I bought my first digital before trip to India in 2009, once again, had no idea how the digital cameras work, so just read the instruction in an airplane.

Some time after, I’ve decided to quit my job as a sales manager in one company and become a professional photographer. So I started working in a studio. Didn’t do much photography though, but had to learn everything about studio lighting.

After that followed two years in Saint Petersburg Photo College. I guess that was the main place where I got all of my knowledge and skills not only as a photographer but also as a stylist, make up artist, etc. So now it doesn’t make me any problems to arrange a photo-shoot at any place in the world, to find models, creators, designers and so on. Thanks to Photo College , it teach me a lot about fashion industry.

Professionally I have started doing photography only when I left Russia and started travelling. Seeing new places, meeting new people – it is inspiring.

Why photography?

It helps not only to capture reality, but also let me be a creator of this reality. I can’t write, I can’t draw, but I do can make up a story and bring it to life with the help oh my camera.


Surf or fashion photography, which you enjoy more?

Oh, I love them both equally!

Fashion is easier comparing with surf photography, cause you have to be really strong and fit to take shots in the water. But on the other hand fashion is also more complicated at the same time, cause you need to think about so many details before and during the shoot.


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What advice you would give it to people who want to become a surf photographers?

Swim,surf  and read waves, the rest will come…

Which country is next?

Really have no idea, will go wherever life is taking me.

What’s inspiring you the most during the travels?

I like the road itself, the feeling that I’m moving somewhere, anywhere…. Everything that is new and fresh inspires me. So I have always move from one place to another to find a new things to inspire me:)


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What you would say is hard to reach in photography while you traveling?

Sometimes I really miss a hairdresser !

How you imagine photography after 10years? Is it will be the same?

I guess it will change a lot. It’s developing so quickly, especially in my country. Now almost everyone has an opportunity to become a good photographer – developed technologies, great universities and courses, and of course Photoshop:)

Now you can even buy lenses for your iPhone! I hope in 10 year professional cameras will become smaller and lighter but the quality will be even better.

What’s you favorite photographer? Model? Musician?

Photographer – Baldovino Barani, his imagination is totally crazy! In a good way…

Model – I like,ones I work with.

Musician – don’t have one artist. Love all music.


If you could change three things in the world what it would be?

1) Attitude of the rest of the world to Russia and Russians

2) Attitude of Russians to the rest of the world

3) Prices for flight tickets


Your Dream photo-shoot?

For Vogue magazine.