Introducing international brand: NICKLAS KUNZ


Nicklas Kunz SS’15


Nicklas Kunz in my opinion is extremely cool, distinctive and non-traditional Scandinavian fashion brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand’s main inspiration comes from street subculture, rap music and urban landscapes. As the brand’s creative director Nicklas Kunz says, it is a pastiche of kind modern warriors.

Who are creative souls behind Nicklas Kunz?  

Indeed, we are a team of 3 creative souls in the brand: Nicklas Kunz is the creative director and designer and that is me. I design the line and set the targets and creative goals. John Zulu is our brand director. He is the main factor when it comes to which personas we want to work with; artist, musicians, actors, events, television etc. Finally, Marlo Saalmink is our communications renegade; he captures, alongside Nicklas, our style, vibe, attitude, universe etc. and puts this into words for the public to read and digest. He is highly connected to both John and myself.



What is your message as a fashion brand? 

The purpose of Nicklas Kunz is to offer a different notion of the contemporary male identity. We want to express that the modern urban male can be cool and sexy, whilst still keeping his cool.

The Nordic streets is your brand’s inspiration. What exactly do you mean? 

Nordic & the US. The rap music has transgressed from being an art form practiced by a small african american minority, to a global art form that has changed the landscape of the whole world. My mission in fashion is kind of the same. I am pretty much a product of that myself. Growing up on the outskirts of Copenhagen and listening to rap. My personal blend is a mix of the aesthetics of the north and the attitude of the US. A pastiche of kind modern warriors.


What is freedom to you? 

Freedom is to be able to express and create your own identity, as you see yourself – without the intrusion of the opinion of others.

Manhood is the word you use in your brand’s description. How would you describe manhood? 

In short, it is about being strong, guarding your independence and stepping out with an  ambitious mindset.



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