Introducing hand-made brand: AiStay accessories


Within these series we are going to introduce not so well known Lithuanian brands that make Lithuania as more creative and more fun country to live in. Today we represent Q&A with AiStay accessories – the brand that is highly inspired by music.

What are the creative souls of your brand?  It’s definitely music. My real name is Aiste but I go as AiStay on the stage. It signifies the moment when I had to decide whether music is going to be my life and career choice. I decided to stay, so AiStay is not only my brand name, it’s also my most important decision so far.


What was the beginning? I always loved crafts so making accessories came quite naturally to me. In the beginning of 2015, I got really inspired again and so I decided to channel that inspiration into making jewelry.


What is your brand’s inspiration and philosophy? Music is definitely a big part of where my inspiration comes from. My goal is to create jewelry that makes clothes the accessories, and not the other way around. I want you to pick the jewelry for the day and then match the rest of your outfit to it.

What according to you makes your brand distinctive among others? Well, when I am making my accessories, I listen to chill house music and I think that the sound, the good vibes really show in the style of it. My jewelry puts together the harmony of an outfit so that it’s perfect.

Three words that best describe your brand. Sharp. Organic. Wild.

Your target group? My jewelry is for confident, vibrant people who love fashion, are passionate and enjoy good music.


Near future plans? To create jewelry that is art in itself and that inspires people to step out of their comfort zone fashion-wise.