Introducing Lithuanian brand: Smart Art design



Within these series we are going to introduce fast emerging Lithuanian brands that make Lithuania as more creative, more innovative and more cozy country to live in. Today we represent Q&A with Smart Art design – the brand that makes beautiful and functional objects made from rope.


The creative soul behind the brand Justina Skurdelyte

Who are the creative souls of your brand? Well.. it’s only me – Justina Skurdelyte and the rope. I was born to find rope or the rope found me when I was counting the last days of the last summer of my life.

What was the beginning? Wine. Memories. Playing with rope in my hands. Loop after loop with no ending. I was inspired with my first creation. I have made a basket, which was the start of my new life.

What is your brand’s inspiration and philosophy? Be creative. Never stop dreaming. Be inspired. Be strong & never give up!

What according to you makes your brand distinctive among others? Energy, which reflects in my works.


Three words that best describe your brand Smart. Creative. Different.

Do you consider your brand as a New Baltic brand? I do!

Your target group. Young people & people who feels forever young.
Near future plans.  I’m in love with my products. Future plans? To spread my feelings around the globe.