Is Bruce naked?



Monika – the creative soul of Naked Bruce

Within these series we are talking about emerging Lithuanian brands that make Lithuania as more creative, more innovative and more colorful country to live in. Today we represent Q&A with Naked Bruce – the brand that is mostly known of its fun and creative leggings made from finest certified fabrics, playful textures and gifted by best feelings and emotions.



Who are the creative souls of your brand?

“Naked Bruce” is 99% Monika’s baby. However, there is Vytautas, who helps out with creative/technical stuff and Tomas Markevicius with whom Bruce has an ongoing collaboration.

 What was the beginning?

It all began almost 3 years ago after I gave birth to my daughter Liepa and felt empowered to follow my dreams. I never had a chance to draw or enter courses at art school, nonetheless I always liked nice things, beautiful places and unique people. On the 27th of 2013 I posted some Naked Bruce editorial photos on Facebook and things just went up from there. The beginning is never easy and as time passes by I realise that it only gets harder but that’s okay and that’s the trick.

 What is your brand’s inspiration and philosophy?

“Naked Bruce” is a phenomenon of cool glamour with modernist feel. Graphic and fresh Bruce’s apparel is made from the finest certified fabrics and is designed to last. In the world where every friend you have is a bit of a fashion designer and you can get coffee just about anywhere, Bruce is slowing things up, focusing on quality and trying to grasp moments, feelings, textures.


What according to you makes your brand distinctive among others? 

Bruce’s exaggerated details tell stories of bare lightness. Naked Bruce is adventurous, dynamic and youthful in spirit. I believe people no longer buy things for what they are, but for how they make us feel. I keep my fingers crossed that Bruce’s apparel make other women feel as good as they make me feel.

Three words that best describe your brand.

Light, modern and quality apparel.

Do you consider your brand as a New Baltic brand?

I am proud being Lithuanian and having the ability to produce Bruce here, where I take part in the process. The long term goal is to be a sustainable brand. I am cautious of how I live and want to make beautiful things without nasty consequences.


Your target group.

The initial target audience is a woman form 21 to 45 years old who is modern yet classy and leads an active life. However, I am always more than flattered to find out that there is no gender or age limit to loving what Bruce does. After all, it’s all about the way you feel.

Near future plans.

I call plans my dreams. And dreams are meant to be kept in secret, so stay tuned and we’ll see where they’ll take me, Bruce and all of you!