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Copenhagen fashion week CEO Eva Kruse, credits: cfw official

Copenhagen fashion week is kicking off today, meanwhile I make my luggage and prepare for my flight to the Danish capital and currently the capital of fashion – let the 3 days full of Scandinavian esthetics begin!

Usually people ask me why I chose to work in fashion industry and why fashion fascinates me so much. So, I thought I’ll try to elaborate on the subject here.

First of all, I am interested in human creativity. If more precisely, I am interested in various forms of creative performances. Creative writing is something I cannot live without and if sometimes for some reason I cannot spare my time for it, I’m dying in the inside.

Thus, fashion is the field that is unbelievably tolerant for all kinds of creative processes. Fashion does not have any boundaries or limits, it is never monotonic or formal (and I hate formality). Fashion is not racist or homophobic, fashion might cure, feed or inspire. And when I say fashion I’m not talking about clothes or sales, I perceive fashion as the form of art and the way of living.

Often people think of fashion as of something very primitive and silly, however this might only show their incomprehension and lack of knowledge. I think that being fashionable is very important for everyone who has a self respect. Being fashionable means being aware of the outer world. Being fashionable means traveling, listening to good music, understanding literature and films and living the quality life. For me fashion is full of cultural encounters, sometimes complex identities, various colors and shades, innovative ideas and endless discussions. Fashion is a mirror of politics, economics, culture and the WORLD. Fashion is what separates today, yesterday and tomorrow.

How can somebody not be interested in IT?

 P.S. I’ll post my #CPHFW adventures right here, so don’t run away!