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Kristina Cepulkovskaja, the female behind MY HAPPY TYPE

Kristina Cepulkovskaja, the female behind MY HAPPY TYPE

Meet Kristina – she is the mother of MyHappyType – the newly born typographic poster e-store. I’ve known Kristina for years, but now it’s time to have a different talk. Instead of cheering (or to be more honest just right after that) I ask her few questions one must ask a 26-years old colourful personality when they first launch a new business.


What’s your profession?

Fashion designer (studies in Lithuania) and I also have been studying in Denmark Fashion Branding and Marketing management.


What do you do daily?

Everyday is very different and mostly busy. We are moving to Copenhagen now so I have many tasks connected with this big event in my life. Copenhagen is my dream city (she smiles).

Of course I have a lot of work with MyHappyType, we have just opened it. Now we are keeping full attention on good marketing and interesting activities on social media – Facebook, Instagram.


What is your mission in life? 

Always learn something new, be creative and make world beautiful :)
Help animals!


Kristina Cepulkovskaja, the female behind MY HAPPY TYPE

Kristina Cepulkovskaja, the female behind MY HAPPY TYPE

When did you first meet typography? 

When I was studying fashion design in Vilnius, we had a typography lecture. I liked everything, but it was a quite difficult course because we were drawing letters using only our own hands rather than computers as nowadays designers do.


What is your point of inspiration?

I love clean minimalist Scandinavian style, modern design and simplicity. I can be inspired by everything when I want to be inspired. Also, it often comes to me when I am in a working process. Each time I am creating posters for MyHappyType I feel such lightness and happiness – ideas are coming to me one after another, can’t even remember all of them. I think it is like that when you 100% love what you do.


Why MyHappyType? How did you get the idea?

I wanted it to be positive, light and easy to remember. I believe that MyHappyType posters have some magic, they work like talismans for people. They bring happiness and positiveness to home, they are hanging in. That is way I am using word MyHT not YourHT, I want every person to personalize and feel what the brand is giving to them and it is positive attitude to live life.



Who has helped you in the process?

My boyfriend helped me a lot both physically and spiritually. He is a web-developer so MyHappyType webshop was his main task.


How much time did it take from the idea to the launch? 

Well, it took us close to 7 months. And the last 2 months were so crazy, working about 15-17 hours per day.


What is your wish for this project? 

I am always dreaming big! I believe that one day MyHappyType will become  a well known creative brand that will sell not only posters, cards, but also other beautiful interior details and I wish clients and the society could recognize MHT as part of positive and happy lifestyle.




What are the next steps? What are you focusing on right now? 

We are focusing misty on brand development and new client attraction. Also expanding to Lithuanian marked, actually it was the initial idea – to open e-store in Lithuania and later on add new counties, but as I live in Denmark at the moment. So we have started in Denmark and with our expierience and knowlegde we can move to Lithuania eventually.


What kind of lesson have you learned so far?  

Never give up.


A lot of females have a hobby and once in a while think about pursuing it – can you relate to them in any way?  

Yes of course. I also had too many hobbies, so one day I decided to develop one of them into a business.


What would be your message to them? 

If you believe 100% in what you are doing and you feel 100% happy when you are doing it, it means this is your way. Don’t stop, just work and make your dreams come true.




You also have a daily outfit blog, how long have you been blogging? 

I haven’t been posting in this blog for a long time now, but my plans are to start it again or to start new blog when we will move to Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of fashion capitals and this city inspires me a lot in terms of fashion, beauty, design, interior, food and etc. I used to write only about fashion and fashion was my biggest passion.  Now it is different – I can’t imagine a day without things connected to home décor.  I have an idea to connect all those topics in the blog about Copenhagen modern lifestyle.


What does it give you? 

I like to analyze and collect fascinating articles, pictures in one place and share with other people.


Whats your credo?

I believe in motivational quotes, so it’s hard to choose one credo because I have many of them. Today I feel mostly like Buddha said: We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.




Do you have any favourite artists?

I love fashion illustrators Connie Lim and Floyd Grey. Paolo Coelho and Gabriel Garcia Marquez in literature.  I am a fan of Reggae and Bob Marley in particular, also Sia, Bonobo, Banks.


Tell us a bit about your greatest trip! 

Among all my trips most memorable and breathtaking adventure we had in the Philippines Banaue village. We took 2-day jungle trekking trip to see the 8th world’s wonder. During those 2 days I felt the variety of mixed feelings, it was dangerous and full of adrenalin because of the hight of the mountains and we did not have any security belts. But nature around us was so unknown, interesting and beautiful, I forgot all the pains and tiredness, there was just curiosity and wonder. It’s how I remember it….The moment we came to the top, we could see this magnificent natural beauty of rice fields… Ach, it was indescribable… I felt blessed.

Sneak peek of MyHappyType first ever photoshoot

Sneak peek of MyHappyType first ever photoshoot







 We wish all the success to her and all the other girls pursuing the joy of hobbies that develop into inspiring careers.


Part of the series to discover female career paths within the creative and digital industries 

by Ramune Tumasonyte

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