Lithuanians travel a lot. For self exploring, holiday, studies, business and for living. Some of them come back and some of them not. Home is where one’s heart is. The generation Z would probably agree with me that our home is the World, with all its lakes, rivers, forests, skyscrapers, people of different race, gender and lifestyle. While traveling and educating themselves they also communicate a lot of meanings, one of them being a representation of their home country. MOKOSH is one of those cases. MOKOSH is a community based on slow fashion and slow living and is created by 4 Lithuanian girls based in Copenhagen. The platform represents Baltic designers and brands and seeks to promote them in Scandinavian context. 

MOKOSH is e-boutique and community where you can find good quality clothes and interior details. Here items and ideas are made slowly but with joy and thoughtfulness. They are designed and crafted in relatively small amounts with a purpose of long years of owning and wearing – not only because of the premium quality but because you want it to be this way. At MOKOSH you can find such brands like OKIIKO, Beleberda, BOLERO furniture, DD WOORSHOP, DISTYLED, HELLO! MOON and others. MOKOSH also aims to develop community, which is seen as a part of slow fashion movement. It supports other relevant movements within the idea of slow living: slow food, slow cities, slow design, etc. Few weeks ago MOKOSH organised its own POP – UP STORE, which took place in a vibrant and hipster location in Copenhagen.



MOKOSH is a niche. It grasps the coincidence, the natural being, it adds to your mood but does not force it.

MOKOSH is an observer of the coolness and the satisfaction of a smoker when his or her mouth forms rings of smoke. MOKOSH recognizes this coolness and satisfaction in its own habit of living slowly.

MOKOSH is not sweet but sensual. It is seductive, vital, alive, real, authentic in its glance, pose and language.

MOKOSH matches things and people, but then it also throws something at you out of the blue creating the sound of “peew”.

MOKOSH person is real with life and people. She or he lives intensively, occasionally rolls down the hill and while doing so is aware of it and listens inside.

She or he is a child of both – city and nature. This person is shod and barefooted, a child of asphalt and grass.

MOKOSH people are reserved, but free. Their arms and legs, days and nights, thoughts and actions are intertwined.

MOKOSH is for individuals who are aware of over-consumption and global impacts that it creates. MOKOSH includes those who only start to get it too or want to know about it.

MOKOSH is for those for whom the word SLOW does not mean lazy or half done. Contrary, it is about learning and knowing about one’s wishes and needs in a long run; about one who knows how to enjoy simple life. Also, it can be sumed up by the pursue of balance between the internal calm and the external restlessness; between “enough” and “more”.


Invite YOU to MOKOSH community

Deliver longevity & timelessness to YOUR belongings

Establish emotional bond between YOU and your belongings

Encourage YOU to share (participate in sharing economy)

Embrace YOU with awareness of presence

Deliver YOU better than more

Invite YOU to act responsibly

Deliver YOU stories for inspired life

Slow down YOUR consumption of average quality goods.

… all to deliver new value for your everyday life.

by Agne Skripkinaite

Industry_Files fashion editor and partner at A/D