N WIND Showcase: Riga


Dovydas – one of the initiators of N Wind Showcase: Riga

Photo credits: Zivile Sidaraite

Yesterday we were invited to N WIND and V2 CONCEPT STORE pop – up showcase of Latvian designers opening event in Kaunas. N WIND being the monthly magazine with a focus on Northern region selected and invited some of the most exceptional Latvian designers to represent and to sell their work for Vilnius and Kaunas crowds. We claim such “get together” and the exchange of creative energy being extremely relevant for the Baltic states, it elaborates on the common sense of New Baltic identity and cultural communication manner.

Designers/projects showcasing: Keta Gutmane, BlankBlank, One Wolf, Paviljons, RIPA, YAYOI, tundra HATA, Pien Dairy Spa, Miesai, Zibers Design. 

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