New Year resolutions, seriously?


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Mostly I am irritated by people who make New Year resolutions, especially if they do it publicly, on Facebook for instance. I don’t really know what happened to me but this year I am going to to do the same. And I know now that neither half of the plans are going to happen, but at least they sound romantic, exceptional and positive, right? No, I can’t believe I’m doing this! Should I book a visit at psychiatrist?

by Agne Skripkinaite

Industry_Files fashion editor and partner at A/D


“Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it” 

– Mandy Hale

Take Russian language lessons. Why not? I have learned Russian for 6 years at school and that’s why I know how to read and lets say how to pronounce, then I lived few years at Romanian landlord therefore, I know how to curse, badly very badly… So now I just need to learn making sentences and understand them. Easy! Also, Russian fashion world is becoming bigger and more powerful every day and Russia is not that far away from Lithuania. Who knows, maybe one day I will go to Moscow and I will meet a tall black stranger and I will say to him: Привет, как найти Vogue?

12 months – 12 fashion dates. One day I realised that I know so little about fashion world. When I write articles I always write „fashion world“, „fashion world“, „fashion world“… But since when Paris, Milan, New York, London, Denmark and Lithuania makes whole world? So I decided to enrich my knowledge in regards to fashion and every month to learn about fashion with different cultural background. It is almost like geography just more fun! I started with Russia.

Not to get married. I’m serious, I’m only 27 years old and I still need to dedicate some time to myself: to learn, to observe, to discover, to do and of course to become the best version of myself, only then I can give all the best things to the person I’ll spend my life with. If I’ll be 35 and still not married, then I’ll worry. But till that – I’m happy by myself and with all the single men out there, hah!

Organise a solid fashion event. This is something among many other things that Lithuanian fashion industry (Can I say industry?) is for sure lacking. I’ve been to quite many good fashion events so I would be happy to share this experience with others. And since me and my colleague Dovilija Torrau have a communication & events agency A/D – we have all the power in our hands, we just need a freshly thinking client for it, anyone out there?

To work on a new magazine’s concept & realise it. This is the most important thing on my planet!! Few weeks ago (after 5 years of working) I left my Editor-in-Chief crown at so I could move forward and to rediscover new fields of gold. At the moment I’m doing research on the concept and strategy of a possibly new fashion magazine in Lithuania or even in Europe. Stay tuned and wish me best of luck, this is so important to me and, I believe, this is my mission in this life.

Take Callanetics lessons. Something I really want to do and I must find time for that.

Listen to classical music. No, that doesn’t mean I’m boring, even though I perceive myself as quite a monotonous human being. Classical music to me is a miracle, a dream, an illusion, which I want to breath in. And of course I want to be classy. So no more radio (I’m obsessed with Laisvoji banga) and more classics!

More often say ‘yes’! I know I’m categoric and mostly it doesn’t disturb me but I guess life would become more challenging and memorable if I would say ‘yes’  to things more often.

Read the books that I have. People tend to bestow me with books, perhaps because I wear glasses and they make me look intelligent. So as you can imagine, I have some books that are left untouched. Thus, it would be really great to touch them with my eyes.

Fly to NY to visit my best friend. To this one I’m totally saying YES! She left to NY only yesterday and I’m so flying to her on late Spring or early Summer. I’ve never been there so it should be really exciting and so Sex&The city.

Fly to Glasgow to visit another friend. Otherwise she’s going to kill me for promising and not doing it, haha. And seriously, I want to visit Glasgow, it is so romantic, poetic and deep. We will walk the city, we will drink hot tea or red wine, we will go to poetry evenings.

Move out from Kaunas to Vilnius. It’s not that I don’t like Kaunas, I just think I’m not that into him.  Honestly, I’m little afraid of confronting the hipsters living in Vilnius but I love that city and when you love – you love.

Change my hair colour. I always become bored of my blonde hair, then I dye them and then after a couple of months I want them back. This is me – an ultimate purpled blonde! No, this time I’m serious, no more blondes!

Paint. At least one painting. I know I’m hopeless but they say God loves hopeless people the most.