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Q: So, how did you get your own label started?
We had  some common projects during the study time and afterwards became co-workers. On a night out after several drinks and a lot of talking we decided to participate in „Mados infekcija“ competition aka the fashion week event in Vilnius, Lithuania. After the first „PURE?“ collection was created we decided to continue pursue our artistic vision and keep questioning „IS IT PURE?“ in our upcoming collections.

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Q: What’s a day like in the life of a fashion designer?
Our day to day schedule is hectic, and we depend on the people that we work with which keeps us stitched and dependable to their timetables. The first part of a day is dedicated to daily office business, answering emails, scheduling meetings and work flow planning etc. Then, we continue brainstorming, sketching and sewing – actually working on the collections.

Q: What is the key philosophy of the brand?
Doubting the concept of purity, searching for answers to rhetoric questions.

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Q: Do you have a specific signature in your clothes that people are be able to recognize? How do you differentiate yourself?
Sporty fabrics and cuts in casual clothing. Minimalism and monochrome are dominant attributes.

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Q: Describe your creative environment.
At the moment we have a home studio, but dreaming to move out. Any suggestions? :)

Q: What current design projects do you have?
Our main focus is “PURE?“ clothing line, of course. Although, we have some other creative and commercial projects as well.

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Q: What are your career/design label goals in the future?
To grow, to spread, to collaborate with other artists.

Q: How do you spend your free time?
Free time?:) We do not divide our lives into „work” and „ free” time. Everything we do, we get pleasure from.

Q: What do you love about living in Vilnius? (according to you – places-to-be in Vilnius?). Where do you gather your inspiration from? 
Vilnius is comfortable work wise. Everything you need is close. From working environment straight to a bar/cinema/theatre or other activity.

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Q: Describe your personal style and it’s influences/inspiration.
Our appearances are influenced by mood shifts, from positive vibes to short term depression.

Q: What’s on your iPod/bookshelf/DVD player at the moment?
At the moment “NeringaFM“ provides the sound. Before the bed time, Dovile reads a travel guide to Marocco, and Ana studies fashion management.

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photo credit STUL | photography and visual design studio