Purple Dialogs #1 Austrian designer duo – Mark&Julia

Mark Stephen Baigent and Julia Maria Rupertsberger is Austrian designer duo creating avant-garde fashion and living life to its fullest. “At our last trip to Paris we danced naked under the Eiffel Tower in the night. It was a lot of fun!”


Credits: Laura Karasinski



Credits: Robin Peller

Mark and Julia, when did you realize that designing clothes is your thing?

Mark&Julia: We were always into creative processes and realising our own ideas. After spending three years of fashion school together, we decided to live our dream and in 2012 we founded our own label Mark&Julia.

How would you describe your designs?

Mark&Julia: Avant-garde and special, but wearable and affordable!

You are the designer duo. How do you share the work?

Mark&Julia: We always create a particular theme for every collection; this can be anything from nature to a subculture. We create a mood board according to this theme and then we detach from one another for some time and everyone designs for themselves. After that we come together and combine the designs.

Have you ever used purple for any of your collections?

Mark&Julia: We once thought of it but we are afraid of… so we haven’t done that yet.

How do you spend your days?

Mark&Julia: Well, we both work other jobs besides our Fashion label. Mark has his own clubbing event called “House of What the fuck”, he also works as PR agent and stylist. Julia is also part of “House of What the fuck” as well as she works as a stylist. But all that would only be for two or three days. The rest of our time we spend at our shop- showroom and work on new collections or upcoming events and such.

Chanel or Dior?

Mark&Julia: We don’t mind about comparing big brands. It always depends on the collections. In general, we are not really into analysing every fashion week and its designers. For us the people on the street and life in every situation are more interesting and inspirational.

What according to you is a stylish person?

Mark&Julia: Clothes or looks cannot define style; it is expressed through character, opinions or attitudes. We think, for “to be a stylish person” is important to be transparent about yourself and transmit your inner being to the outside.

I know that you guys party quite often. What was the best party you have ever been?

Mark: It’s a very good question, of course I would say our own party “House of what the fuck” but also some underground techno parties.

Julia: The best parties are when you fetch up in any house party to make after hour and to have fun with nice people!

Who are your best friends?

Mark&Julia: The people you can count on and the people who always stay behind you and your doings whatever happen. That’s a really small circle of friendships, which has to be cultivated.

What do you dream while sleeping?

Mark: I often dream nothing at all, if I dream then it’s almost always something dramatic or romantic.

Julia: I have funny but at the same time weird dreams. It usually relates to things happening in my real life. I love it when I wake up and I can remember everything and therapy myself with dream interpretation.

What did you do today?

Mark&Julia: Sleep and eat after partying yesterday. But now it is time to do some drawings and patterns for next summer season!

Are you ashamed to be naked in front of others?

Mark&Julia: Not at all. At our last trip to Paris we danced naked under the Eiffel Tower in the night. It was a lot of fun!

The thing, which you are ashamed of?

Mark&Julia: The right-wing Austrian government (FPÖ), Putin, intolerance against minorities and people who do not represent the norm.

Are you self-confident?

Mark: I would say yes in many things but also no in some things.

Julia: I know who I am and what I want and radiate that whatever people say. But in some situations I might be shy and unsure.

Julia, why do you dye your hair blonde?

I have to change my look constantly otherwise I get bored. But now after I will get rid of my braids I’m going to do Henna dying in the future. Because my hair = straw, haha.

Music, which makes you dance/cry?

Mark&Julia: Yeah yeah yeahs, Die Antwoord, Rihanna, Patti Smith, Siouxie and the banshees, Pat Benetar, Janis Joplin, Psychic TV, The Who, Melissa Etheridge, Kate Bush, The Smiths, Julia Stone, Robyn, Sinead O’Connor…

When we saw Josè Gonzalez at Melt we both began to cry because of his great voice and memories relating to his music.

Favorite film?

Mark: A love song for Bobby Long

Julia: Eight Miles High

P.S. www.markandjulia.com