RASA studio presents SAND ALOUS


Photography: Gertruda Varnaite
Stylist: Giedre Anuzyte
Mua: Ruta Pakeltyte (“Make my day”)
Model: Viktorija Lukoseviciute (“Ruta model management”)
Clothing & Accessories: RASA studio


RASA studio is considered to be a Nordic or a ‘New Baltic’ fashion brand, which is based in Vilnius, Liithuania. The brand believes in different: unique personalities, creative minds and women who stand out of the crowd. The designer of RASA studio adores bohemian and arty women, according to her, they are the main inspiration when it comes to creating her clothing and accessories lines. “When I say ‘arty’, I take into consideration that that all women can be arty in soul, despite the professional backgrounds they have, a doctor can be arty, a lawyer can be arty, even a politician can be arty in heart.”

SAND ALOUS is this Summer’s resort collection, which portrays a nomadic traveller exploring the unknown territories and the self. The main motive of the collection is sand, which signifies calm, harmonious but at the same time wild nature of the Northern woman. SAND ALOUS is freedom,  unique life style and living without the rules.

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