Restaurants. #2 Monte Pacis


Credits: Monte Pacis

If you find yourself desiring something different, wanting to experience the unknown or wishing to have a journey of a lifetime but unfortunately you cannot afford going to the capital of Italy or to the expensive Abu Dhabi, the hospitality complex Monte Pacis located almost in an actual Pazaislis’s monastery is breathing alive and faithfully awaiting for your presence. The oasis of serenity, the castle sinking in the linden blossoms and the place embraced by historical magic. It’s definitely the place, which inspires and touches the world of thoughts. It is undoubtedly the place of/for stylish, tasteful and adventurous.


The chef Ernestas Virsilas

Monte Pacis is located in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania and according to the locals is quite far away from the downtown. However, keep in mind that Kaunas is not Moscow, London or Rome and that distances here are indeed small (MP is only 7 kilometres away from the city centre). On the other hand, the best places in the world are the hardest to get to. Once you come here, you will understand it was worth to explore.

First of all, enter the place through the main entrance, which is called the alley of lindens. You will feel as if you were a heroine of a historic novel. Be sharp and don’t forget to look around, there is a possibility to meet neighbours – the nuns, who sometimes come to Monte Pacis to fix some daily issues or just to say hello for the staff and guests. When stepping to the corridors, you will feel the peacefulness, silence and safety in the walls. Follow the corridor until you confront the restaurant. Take a seat and let the dance on your tongue begin. Also, don’t forget to walk around Pazaislis and enjoy the beautiful Northern nature.



The Monte Pacis restaurant highlights local and seasonal cuisine, inspired by historical monastery’s recipes. The head chef in the restaurant is Ernestas Virsilas.

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