Round & Around by 57 edges

If I go to Vilnius, my schedule is always almost full by meetings, appointments and other serious stuff. Last Thursday was exactly like this – round & around.

4 very different but nonetheless interesting meetings —> I’m exhausted & hungry but well done and thanks God I wear my Adidas sneakers –> delicious lunch at the mexican food restaurant Sofa de Pancho and girlish chit chat with my colleague and then followed the real gun – 57 edges’ jewelry presentation at the superb contemporary design gallery Xcelsior. This one was for sure a cherry on my cake.

Sophisticated and stylish 57 edges‘ presentation took me by surprise, I felt that every detail there was important – the minimalistic but luxurious jewelry, the ad campaign pictures, which were displayed, also the music, well dressed people and the romantic autumn evening outside the window. Isn’t it a solid end of the day?


57 edges is a duo consisting of a jewelry designer Giedrė Jankauskaitė and graphic designer Goda Jackutė. Their debut collection Round & Around was presented on Thursday, the 30th of October, 2014.







Credits: 57 edges