Served to taste


The duo of Fashion & Food is the most tasteful and delicious couple in the industry and two leading ingredients of Julia Janus brand’s identity.

Written by Agne Skripkinaite

Believe it or not but food and eating is in fashion. Food as well as fashion might have a conception, an idea, philosophical and cultural background as well as an artistic visual appearance. These days food looks more like a piece of art rather than a dish. Fashion & Food is the book being published twice a year by New Baltic fashion and lifestyle brand Julia Janus. The book presents the New Baltic gastronomy alongside with ready-to-wear collections through visual dialogues. „I think there is so much in common between fashion and food – for both there is one word to describe – taste. Both fashion and food represent culture in most understandable way.“, says the designer herself Julija Janus. The art director of the brand Victoria Diaz adds that such innovations is a must for the brand and its identity as well as for its product and business approach. It is not good to go out there and re-do what is already done. It is a challenge to be unique and to have a good approach to the fashion business together with a talented design“.


Julija, how did you come up with the idea to ping-pong fashion and food in the book?

The idea to unite fashion and food was born out of the interior concept of our stores – „Julia Janus“ stores look like kitchen rooms with huge dining tables in the center where our hand made home line and jewelry line is served instead of food. Within the book, we started to collaborate with various Baltic restaurant chefs, who are real masters of New Baltic gastronomy. The chefs had a tough challenge – to find the same visual rhythm and repeat it in their dishes that had to be cooked from seasonal products from Baltic region. All recipes are shared in the issue. The newest part of the book – analysis of relationship between fashion and gastronomical identity in Baltic countries.


The New Baltic conception is crystallised a lot in your brand’s discourse. Tell us more about that.

Julia Janus brand is inspired by Baltic culture, its nature, its gastronomy and the way people behave in this Northern region. Baltics for me is all about our sense of nature, chilly climate and introvert characters. There is also a deep presence of hiddenness, secret, monasticism and even science. All this gives me solid background for creativity – a range of natural colors and silently luxurious silhouettes rich in their quality and timelessness. To work on the Baltic identity idea in a global context is to find our roots in the mood of the nowness. I aim to represent the Baltic countries in a fresh, minimal and pagan manner. The Baltic water unites us, helps us to create understandable language codes for fashion, jewelry, interior design and gastronomy. Julia Janus conception is rather more of a cultural platform than a commercial fashion brand.

How would you describe New Baltic cuisine? 

New Baltic cuisine is very Nordic. Porridge, pickles, fish, meat, berries, dark bread, excellent milk products allow local chefs to create modern dishes based on traditional and seasonal ingredients. Possibility to use spices from all over the world ads new taste combinations to the local food tradition. There are excellent places to dine in Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda.

Tell us about your new SS’15 collection. 

SS15 is called the Alchemy in our kitchen. We experimented with smoke and stone structure in patterns, mixed 3 different fabrics for one piece of clothing, used silver and gold as main colors. All the basic foggy colors where intervened by flaming red. Bold fabrics and silhouettes represent stone and soft fabrics and draped silhouettes- liquid. In alchemy there was one of the main tasks – to make liquid into stone. Stone of wisdom. We succeeded.

Julia Janus alchemist – modern hag who uses the newest technology to explore time and space. She is creative and enjoys the present time. Intensive magnetism of clothing – emotion that slips down the drapes of it – is getting deeper, expressed by dark shades, texture of smoke or frozen liquids. Mist of the Northern summer, rain, warmth of an urban stone, seaside air, wind, sounds and aromas breath out the clothing with pastel shades and constructions of stylized ritual dress.


What are the future plans of Julia Janus?  

To continue introduce our cultural platform together with fashion and food concept, to analyze Baltic culture, to improve identity research, to create beautiful, modern objects for Baltic style living: clothes for men and women, accessories, jewelry and home line. Also, to become global and to reach our customer abroad. We work with passion and with the right people. We try to improve our synergy with customer (direct or wholesale) with every single collection and the results inspire us to go further. We are about people, about our Baltic culture, about today’s energy so it keeps us moving.