So Why Vilnius? And Why Temperature? NOT!

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With the start of the summer and being now a part of a newly created project  Industry Files, we think it’s time to shed retrospective light on Vilnius Temperature. What went down the track or what were the successes, failures, and accomplishments? Other things? We’ll try to tell you everything in our blog here.

We don’t want to repeat ourselves of what we have already said in some of the interviews during those years, thus we will not explain “why Vilnius and why Temperature?” “what each of us do for a living?” etc.

Let’s start with the project’s date of birth – it was founded on 19 July 2011. For quite sometime we were confused which date should be used as a project’s start. There were three dates: 10 January 2011, 19 July 2011, 20 July 20 2011, 31 August 2011. It might look confusing at first, although they all hold at least some sort of story behind them. Let’s go through them very shortly.

So the first date is where the general idea to do this project was told to me by Saulius Baradinkas, my friend and a young video director. He had this idea a while ago, but he couldn’t find people to jump on board.  After that a few month had passed contemplating whether to start this affair or not. Later on, a logo was created, the name “Vilnius Temperature“ was chosen and finally an idea behind it.

‘A non-profit acoustic/live music video blog which unites city sounds and represents up and coming artists in Lithuania, using Vilnius as a cinematographic background.’

The time between January and July can be seen as an incubation period for the project to mature up to some extent. Of course there is plenty of space where to grow and go next, but let’s leave this part for further reading. The second date is when Facebook account was created and right after that, next day, first video was published on Vimeo.

At first we wanted to stick with Vimeo platform, but we were not getting as much reach out as we wanted and it was confusing for people, they all were searching for our videos on Youtube instead.  After some thinking whether or not we should change – we made our decision. We think it was a natural change for it and now looking it back, Vimeo isn’t the place for this kind of project. Therefore, on 31 August 2011 we created Youtube account and started using it as our main video channel.

In the next chapter we will present you Vilnius Temperature team. For an epilogue, we are leaving you with our most popular video of the foreign band. It’s Gus Gus, the electronic act from Iceland. We caught them before their concert in Vilnius in the backstage of the arena. They performed an acoustic version of their song ‘Within You’.

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