Sweetest Alchemy: Behind the Scenes

March was especially memorable for our whole team: Michael Laiskonis, World’s Best Pastry Chef award winner, who recently quit his job at Le Bernarding (ranked #21 in the world by St Pellegrino in 2014) to take up the position of Creative Director at the Instute of Culinary Education in New York, visited our culinary loft for an exclusive video and a photoshoot for the Spring issue of our VMG album.

Listening to Michael, the pastry world sounds a lot like alchemy: besides the precision that it requires and the science behind it, best desserts also have this undefinable magical element to them.

These ideas made it easy to come up with a concept for the photoshoot, where Michael would pose as a wizard-like scientist, creating his divine desserts in an ancient lab, much like those we were used to seeing in our childhood fairy tales.

Despite all the legends about our culinary loft that are out there – no, it doesn’t always look like a mad scientist’s hideout. The team took two whole days to build the set. while Michael was great enough to give us the perfect shot in less than 3 minutes…

Here’s the whole step-by-step behind the scenes look of how the mysterious lab was born. Make sure to watch the video interview below!

Photos: Nerijus Paluckas
Styling: Artūras Samoilenko
Make-up: Karolina Taraškevič, carolina make-up studio
Camera: Edvardas Volginas
Interview: Ieva Elvyra Kazakevičiūtė








low and behold: the final frame, as published in the VMG Spring issue:


… and a little video teaser – you can find the whole interview with Michael’s amazing insights in the magazine!