The perfume destination: Crime Passionnel


Denmark, Copenhagen. Two Lithuanians or “partners in crime” or as they call themselves, the “screw loose” friends opening the first niché perfumery Crime Passionnel in the capital of Denmark… Well, for me it sounds like the best crime to commit whatsoever!  Their common unique taste for things in life: the way they dress, scents they choose, places they travel sequenced the idea to become the form. What’s the story of success? They say, it is continues exploration and curiosity that help them to educate their tastes and find right things in life.


Q&A with Aivaras, co-owner of Crime Passionnel 

Could you describe your concept? What are your values? What’s your philosophy as a brand,  If I can call Crime Passionnel a brand?

We are a startup, but it wouldn’t be a mistake to name Crime Passionnel a brand, having in mind a broader definition of this term.  In the age of ours each individual may be considered a brand, self-representation has never been such a high focus as today. Correct me if I am wrong, but personal brand creation starts from the moment one wakes up and stops for a breath moment during one’s sleep. The way we choose to speak, the way we choose to walk, places we shop, places we eat, people we choose to socialize with, the way we dress, the way we smell. This is what Crime Passionnel is all about, about the final touch to your personality.

Crime Passionnel 1

Aivaras – one of the “criminals”

How does a casual day, if there are any „casuals“ in such cool place, look like?

There is no end to our day, it is nonstop research, even during sleep weirdest colorful dreams occur that often guides to places in search for unordinary smells. But of course, there is a little bit of daily routine. The day starts once I open the boutique door and breathe in the mixture of scents still drifting in the air from the previous day. There is silence and a sense that all around me is still asleep, including perfumes. I walk around for a minute or two, it’s like a process of meditation. I connect with the space and my-self, then I select a smell of the aroma of the day and open the door for clients. And each day is different as it totally depends on the person who visits the boutique. We drink coffee and talk about client needs, about life, sometimes I meet people who traveled the worlds and we share stories etc. Every day I learn something new and exciting, as well as share my knowledge with others.

Crime Passionnel 3

Can I expect a little honesty from you? I guess it should be quite a challenge to run the business in such an expensive city as Copenhagen? Especially when you’re not local and not so well aware of the city’s context or … am I wrong? 

Running a business is always a challenge and a risk, but there are moments in life where one has to make a decision and mine was – Crime Passionnel.

What brands do you sell? Tell me more about them, how are they exceptional, unique, outstanding? 

Crime Passionnel offers narrow range of sophisticated fragrances and a limited assortment of cutting-edge names from beauty capitals all around the world. Today we have such brands as: Naomi Goodsir, LM Parfums, Amouage, Atelier Cologne, Juliette Has a Gun, Costume National, Mendittorosa, Miller Harris , Puredistance, RPL Maison and the list goes on. All the perfumes were chosen personally. First of all, we followed our guts and trusted the fact that all the names above are well-known in the universe of niche perfumery. We only offer perfumes that we, so to say, believe in. This is exactly why we visit exhibitions and never rest when it comes to hunt.


You just hosted the very first Crime Passionnel party at one of the trendiest places, Sunday club in Copenhagen, how was it?

Would I sound like an obnoxious asshole saying that it was a total blast? I’m extremely delighted I had a chance to meet people curious about our startup in a neutral environment. It was fantastic to unite for one night, have a few little chats, a few little drinks and get wild on the dance floor. I hope those who came have no regrets whatsoever…

What are your future plans?

We are planning to open another boutique in more busy area. At the moment we are looking for right space. Later on more perfume houses will follow offering variety of unique undiscovered luxury aromas.


What are your icons? Inspirations? 

As mentioned previously, we try to explore and develop our own unique sense and view, therefore I couldn’t name any actual people or places. We hunt for inspiration everywhere we go, starting people we meet, streets we walk, places we visit, books, art work, music, not necessarily a particular piece, sometimes a genre, a form, colors, smell of paint or an open book may be as inspirational.

What are your passions at the moment?

The journey in search of new scents?

What’s the sexiest crime to commit?

The one of passion.