CS1CRACKSTUDIO_ is architecture and design studio based in Vilnius. We work with spaces and objects, discuss and help to find answers to conceptual and practical issues. In our projects we combine different creative fields and seek for an innovative, high quality and aesthetic solution. During the process we always question how the enviroment we create is relevant to people that are going to use it. We investigate the essence of every situation and seek for a meaningful transformation of built enviroment. CRACKSTUDIO_ works with people who are open-minded, innovative and seek for the best in their lives.

So, how did you get your own brand started?

Naturaly. After being involved in a lot of different design related activities (studies, jobs, workshops, projects) the idea to start our own brand together a was pretty clear sequel. I was back from Denmark already planing to start something on my own and Linas was also rolling the same idea. Luckily we are now here giving this interview.

Tell us more about your project concept (what’s your vision? What’s the purpose of it? What are the goals, actions steps you are planning to take in the near future?)

Crack studio is a concept studioTogether we have a very different background which is combined from architecture, interior, graphic design, product design and music. Our vision is to develop studio and grow towards the direction of integrity. Integrity of different fields is very beneficial to the final outcome.



How do you think your product/concept differs (what’s your differentiation and positioning strategy (how are you planning to brand yourself in order to succeed))?

Wicked question and lot of brackets. But long story short is: we perceive a design as very vivid substance. It’s hard to get because the rules are changing very fast nowadays. Huge part of designers are in pursuit of trends and lifestyle that are very fragile and faceless in a way. It lacks a strong and pure design approach. We conceive things as they are and inconvenient truth is a very familiar thing to us. All our designs are honest and as good as we are able to perform at the current time. We avoid waiting for inspiration, pink glasses and other hipster stuff and bringing in some rational and provocative attitude on the line.


On a personal note, what is your mission as a human being? 

Create realtionships and art of an distinctively great quality. They should last for a long time and inspire other people to do create the same. We are not interested in saving African children or in PETA acivities. Not because we don’t care about it but simply because it’s not our job. Focusing on what you are doing and trying to do the best you can is the key to real progress.



What are the top key values that personally matters most to you in all areas of your life, not just work?  

Dignity, naturalness and simplicity. A little bit of arrogance is also healthy.


What’s a day like in the life of an architect and interior designer?

Every day brings something new. The usual one starts by getting up and having breakfast. Afterwards moving to daily acivities like studies, meetings, phone calls and visiting places. At the other half of the day meeting together and start our creative or not so creative working session that ends up at late evening. And then the night falls.



What current project do you have on your table?

Several. Visual identity of a new cultural and social center in Kaunas. And the design of an ecological carwash center in Aarhus, Denmark. Afterwards jumping into interior development of one boutique in Vilnius old town. We always try to keep our working schedule flexible. Filling breaks with refreshing summer activities is the plan for this season.

Describe your creative environment.

It’s always different. We are working everywhere where coffee steams and internet lives. Starting from the old town cafes and public libraries and ending up far away in countryside in a middle of nowhere. Crowded places are better for developing concepts, but when it comes to details and deadline is on the way, time to move into peacefull exile.



What do you love about living in Vilnius, and why do you think this is the best city for establishing your business? 

Vilnius is vivid, green and fresh. The air here is full of potential. Also it’s a very ambitious city. Huge amount of people establishing their own business, making solo exibitions, opening new bars and cafes, organizing festivals, playing music and making art everywhere you go. It’s not the same in the rest of the Europe. There are lot of great things there, but the idea of a tradition and habit is much stronger than in Vilnius. Here you can feel an enormous speed and passion of new things starting up and coming to an end. The idea of living in Vilnius but working in all the world fascinates us a lot. So we are not planning to move anywhere from this blessed city by so far.


Crack Studio

Photo Credit: STUL

Written by Ruta Eva Cepulyte

A founder of several startups and freelance consultant who aims to exuberate magic throughout this expanding and ever-changing physical and metaphysical space. Relentlessly interested in everything.

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