This is a hand-written blog post

“Don’t worry, it won’t take us more than 2 days to figure out what the problem is”, – the woman said. “Oh, OK”, – I replied vaguely, fixing my hair or skirt or smth.

And then I heard it.

“Wait, what?” – I gasped. She was talking about my computer – my one and only work tool; hence the shock. “Yea, and if you’ll need a new detail shipped, it’s never more than a 2-week wait”, – she added.

I haven’t really had a panic attack since I quit my job at the VMG magazine, but this moment was the closest to it.

It’s day 3 now (March 26th, 2015). A colleague passed by today when I was scribbling and asked, “What are you working on?” “Oh, you know, just… blogging”, – I told her. I don’t think she took seriously, though. Somehow honest answers are usually the least trusted ones.

I'm telling you, it's all for real. Pages 1 and 2

I’m telling you, it’s all for real. Pages 1 and 2

So yea, this blog post was all hand-written and it will probably take me at least couple of days to get to typing it. Sitting alone by the window in this new coffee shop, drinking my coffee-bean tea with a passionfruit-mango-flavored macaron and actually writing something in my notebook by hand practically makes me the Hipster Queen herself (and trust me, this place is really a heaven for the lot). Ironically, if I took this to a wine bar later, this would immediately change my status into a bohemian writer/ thinker/ publicist person. So many possible characters, even though I’m still just a chic without a computer.

I tried, I did, but I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I saw anyone hand-writting something in their notebooks (calendars excluded). I could quickly give you a list of ideas why a pen is actually the best investion after the wheel and the dry shampoo, and in what cases a pen or the process of writting something down by hand can add something vaguely soothing and magical to your day.

If you're be looking for any inacuracies in the original text and the post - yes, they're there

If you’re be looking for any inacuracies in the original text and the post – yes, they’re there, I never said I wouldn’t edit!

Vomiting bags on the plane have saved me more than once when a sudden urge of – wait for it – creativity would manifest itself upon a computer-less me during a flight. I’ve actually written quite a few articles on the matters and future of the European Union on these bags while I was in uni. The articles would become a lot more appealing for the public once typed, though. 

Shopping lists! I’m a mess without them, I’m a bit less of a mess with them, so I definitely consider shopping lists a great help. Especially useful for the “Oh, I gotta remember this the next time I’m shopping” purchases – cuz no, I’ll never remember this the next time I’m shopping.

Secret self-support rituals. I’m pretty messed up in my head, so I’ve tried more than one, really. After watching “La Grande Belleza” by Paolo Sorrentino I would rip a piece of paper each night, write down the best moment of that day and put it into this little IKEA vase on the table. I felt it was nice to rethink something that made me happy right before bed. It was also nice to pick a random paper any other day and relive those little moments again. They could be completely ridiculous, too, like “Saw a gorgeous lamp in somebody’s living room through the window”, “Had a piece of cake and didn’t regret it”, and such. Happiness is in the details!

Still going... Hipsters around me be like "Daamn how did I not think about this."

Still going… Hipsters around me be like “Daamn how did I not think about this.”

Diaries. That’s definitely one of the most curious phenomenas of my life. I started my 1st diary when I was 9, because my Mom forced me to. It was a grey thick journal and she’d sometimes literally tell me what to put down, saying that I’ll be happy to remember all of this one day. She was right about that, but what she didn’t foresee then (although I can’t be too sure – afterall, she is a Mom), is that I’d never really get away from writting ever again. It was never my dream job, but that’s what I’ve been doing for living for the last several years already. On-again off-again, I’ve been keeping different diaries ever since that 1st one. I have one now, too.

This dull grey journal was my first diary at the age of 9.

This dull grey journal was the first diary  of a 9-year-old kid with pretty wild things going on in her head

Eventually, the notebooks got wilder, too

Eventually, the notebooks got wilder, too

Brainstorming. I really can’t just “give it some thought” – I gotta get a pen and start putting it all down, cross ir out, draw big question marks or something, but I gotta do it all on paper.

Cute post-its at home. So much better than a text message.

Almost there!

Almost there! As you can see, #7 came about later.

…and just the general satisfaction of being able to physically cross something out of your to-do list. Not erase it on screen, but put a big fat who’s-the-boss-now-b*tch type of line across it.

So there, I did it. I hand-wrote a blog post, because I don’t have a computer… and I hope this will turn out to be the most hipster-ish sentence I will have ever said written.


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