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Urban art creative from Germany Andreas Schanzenbach in WHAT'S NEXT 2013

Urban art creative from Germany Andreas Schanzenbach in WHAT’S NEXT 2013

– What’s next? is the conference of creative industries that combines visual culture, technology and business. –

First of all, I should say that I’m very glad and proud that Lithuania has so many creative talents and that “Penketai” creative team for the second time organize WHAT’S NEXT conference for all those cool souls out there. For the ones who seek knowledge and who desire to keep their minds updated and recharged.

WHAT’S NEXT is 2 days (Friday and Sunday) lasting conference where you will hear about the importance of promoting entrepreneurship, use of technology, creative problem solving and importance of creative education right from the visual culture, technologies and business professionals. “Did you ever dreamed about having a conversation with creative director about inspirations while having a cup of good coffee? The time has come – your beloved professionals are coming to share their thoughts with you. You’re going to hear stories about motivation, simple happiness, creative process and the reason to start living your dream.” – the reference found on their official webpage sounds quite promising.

The first conference of creative industries WHAT‘S NEXT? was organized as a part of “Loftas Fest” festival in 2013, where you could hear 12 authoritative speakers telling their success stories about the world of visual arts. Today WHAT‘S NEXT? aims to create a space that would combine the worlds of creative industries technology and business. WHAT‘S NEXT? is the question to answer working along with different types of professionals.

So lets celebrate two days dedicated to creativity! There is an after party with extraordinary and mind-blowing Rebeka!




Creative Director/ Co-owner at New!

How to create when everything is already done?


We wake up and we check our smartphones in the morning, during the day we keep our eyes close to the screen and only when we are completely exhausted – only then we give up and fall asleep. We are in someone else’s feed and in someone else’s dream, which is being dreamt for us (Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, blogs, TV). How to create something in this information overload? Tomas, together with philosopher Kristupas Sabolius, is working on debut book named “The man who knew everything” (“Žmogus, kuris viską žinojo”).

WHY IN TOP 3: Because I like the way Tomas Ramanauskas communicates his ideas. I find his ideas similar to what I claim about the outer world and about the creative phenomenon. I think he is mostly right and quite inspiring person.



The owner and creative director of fashion blog “Spintos Guru”

Digital fashion is a new black


Fashion lives for the future. The next month, next season, even next year. However, the fashion cycle has changed a lot in the last five years – instagram, facebook and twitter made sure that tomorrow had already bored you yesterday. Spring clothes are sold out even though it’s only October, and the designers agree that the old season system is too slow for today’s consumer. So the only question left is what’s next in fashion. Or maybe… for fashion in general?

WHY IN TOP 3: I’ve been following Deimante almost from her first steps in the fashion blogging. I think she might be or is a perfect opinion leader for all the young ladies who are a little bored and are looking for self realization. It is wonderful how a teenage girl can make her fashion career while staying at home. Now Deimante is the most acclaimed fashion blogger in Lithuania working as a contributor to various creative projects, Industry-Files being one of them. Girl power!



Is South Korea our next?


50 years ago South Korea’s GDP was lower than its infamous neighbours to the north. In 2013 Korean pop culture exports amounted to 5 billion USD. In country where the prevalence of smartphones reaches 97.7 percent people sleep less and work more. Is there anything else that caused a rapid growth of Asian creative industries? What do we need to achieve the same success? Or maybe we don’t need it at all, because the heady growth could not do without shaking hangover. When asked where he is from, Korean pop music mogul Jin-young Park would always reply: “I’m from the future.” Welcome to Korea. Welcome to the future.
WHY IN TOP 3: Because the friend that I will go to the What’s next? conference with is South Korean :) He is one of the coolest persons I know therefore I would like to know more about his background. And I know nothing about it. Shame on me.

more info: www.whatsnext.lt


by Agnė Skripkinaitė