ADM is a short for Amoureuse De Mode (French), the meaning in English: fashion lover, the one who feels a strong connection to everything related with fashion.

The owner of this 3 year lasting personal style diary is me, Ruta. I am a Lithuanian girl that moved to London almost a year ago because of a big desire to get closer to the fashion industry, charming people and of course this inspiring and breathtaking city.

Apart from blogging about my view to fashion, sharing my inspirations, memories of traveling and other creative ideas, I could also name myself as a fashion illustrator as I was studying this part of art for one year in a place full of the most outstanding , interesting and definitely different people from all around the world – London College of Fashion.

Obviously, as this is a first place I moved in for such a long time, it changed my personality completely and made me to believe that everything is possible and all our dreams are achievable.  Being so inspired and having so many ideas on my mind I decided that it’s now or never to at least try and do what I was always dreaming about. New adventures are coming up soon and I am very happy sharing them on Amoureuse De Mode !

Big pleasure being a part of IF !

See you soon