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H&M returns to super bowl with new David Beckham spot.
This will be the second appearance of Beckham Bodywear spot on Super Bowl, the first time the spot ran in 2012 and H&M was the only retailer eager to buy commercial time during the game followed by the huge success and attention received. The company have once again decided to continue their legacy with the investment of 4 million dollars for only 30 seconds of ad time for the Super Bowl appearance. We can only speculate how much does it cost to bring  the project into the day light,  think of  endorsement, whole marketing chain: product development & production, spot shooting, promotion, merchandising etc. Needless to say, the company was always investing into the brand equity with their co-branding collections rather than turning the campaigns into a cash cow.
We remember back in 2012 we were at the Copenhagen Fashion Week when the Bodywear collection was introduced in stores, we hurried to visit a store in the evening hours right after the Fashion Week buzz, and remember being consumed by the whole thing itself. We are obviously not fascinated by fast fashion retailers, since they tend to lack credibility and identity with their products developed for the mass market, but we can’t stop being impressed by the BRAND ARCHITECTS of H&M, they are constantly changing the fashion market as we know it, and that’s an influence you can’t avoid.

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